Investment Advisory Group - Bridging Independent Advice and Strategic Guidance to Select Companies

Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory Group and its affiliate companies provide a broad array of specialized investment strategies and innovative solutions across market capitalizations and industry to institutional investors. In this role, we understand the unique needs of senior living organizations.

Our work begins with the investment policy statement to provide a foundation for goals and risk management. It also clearly delineates responsibilities for the investments. Then we methodically allocate the portfolio into the desired assets keeping in mind the potential impact on the overall return of the investment portfolio. Reporting is consolidated for all the various accounts and clearly reported to management on a regular basis. Often we use webinar technology to report to the finance committee or board in a time-saving and productive manner. Our objective is to help the organization meet its budget and financial goals.

We believe our unique understanding of the senior living business makes us the investment advisor of choice for many retirement communities.

We believe it is imperative that clients have an active risk control service in place. We design a risk control system to actively manage portfolio risk exposure while still providing typical long term market returns. Simply put, when market risk is low and we have support, we want to be fully invested or offensive. When market risk is high and the market lacks support we want to be conservatively invested or defensive. This service is especially effective if your investment program is in a distribution phase. This discipline provides a better investment experience by helping preserve capital in declining markets.